3 Reasons why you should get the CCIE
Written by Cristian Acquati on Feb. 16th 2021
Never like now it appears clear that everything is moving online. Even those businesses that until 2020 were planning to stay in  physical locations only they changed completely their plans during the pandemic. Think about restaurants, gyms and even schools ...

This is something that you cannot stop or modify. 

You can only adapt yourself to the the current market and becoming a Network Engineer. 

You will be responsible for managing the Networks in Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, or, if you will choose the Service Provider path, you will manage Corporate Networks.  

Possibilities are immense and salaries keep increasing due to the lack of available engineers. 

This is the time to make a decision. 

Staying where you are or changing your life?

Cristian Acquati

Cristian Acquati helps people start and grow successful IT careers.  He is an expert at helping people get certifications using online courses and making things super simple to understand.
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